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Among the latest acquisitions are:
  • 1. Carved bust (25 cm high) of Gillian Sheen, 1956 Olympic foil champion, by Faust Lang.

  • 2. Pair French 1840 prize foils inscribed Prix d’armes du College Royal de St Louis, 1840, Lozès Ainé à son éléve Leon Ehrmann.

  • 3. Near pair German early 18th c. foils, one blade stamped IN SOLINGIN (last vowel unusually I instead of E), felt pad between handle and crossbar in the German style (unlike the Italian style where the pad is next to the guard - see No. 12).

  • 4. German early 18th c. hand-coloured perspective view by Georg Probst of Augsburg of a fencing salle – designed for use in a travelling peep show seen through an optical instrument that made the background appear a considerable distance away from the foreground.

  • 5. Hutton’s The Swordsman, 1891, de luxe edition bound in gold-blocked vellum with title, portrait of Hutton with sabre in hand and his signature on upper cover.

  • 6. Matthey’s The Works of George Silver, 1898, de luxe edition bound in gilt panelled and decorated vellum with a gilt arabesque design in the centre of each cover.

  • 7. Roland’s A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of the Art of Fencing, 1823, contemporary calf binding with blind embossed decoration and gilt decorated spine.

  • 8. Rolando’s The Modern Art of Fencing. 1822, with 23 hand-coloured lithographs.

  • 9. Rosaroll-Scorza & Grisetti’s La Scienza Della Scherma, 1803, with 10 folding lithographs, gilt panelled red morocco binding with gilt decorated spine.

  • 10. Vigeant’s Un Maître d'Armes sous la Restauration, 1883, with Toupie Lowther bookplate of a mask and crossed foils, red morocco binding with ornate gilt decoration to inside cover borders surrounding marbled end papers.
  • 11. Swiss Art Nouveau silver sup presented at a tournament in 1917 between French and Belgian internees in Neuchatel, Switzerland, and Swiss army officers.

  • 12. Near pair Italian early 18th c. foils stamped IN SOLINGEN / A SOLINGEN, cup guards connected to curving crossbar bound with leather strip.

  • 13. French bronze medal by Marthe Schwenk showing a woman holding a foil and mask, the blade bisecting her face, reverse showing two pairs of foilists in action, rim dated 1967.

  • 14. Hope’s A New, Short, and Easy Method of Fencing, 1744, folding copperplate with 16 figures, set of rules for fencing schools, bookplate of Egerton Castle, showing a 17th century swordsman standing in front of a leaded window.