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Among the latest acquisitions are:
  • 1.   French naval training cutlass, spine engraved Chatellerault Janvier 1847

  • 2.  Late 19th c. foil with decorative brass guard and plumed helmet pommel

  • 3.  Late 19th c. foil with Souzy Ainé blade and scallop-shaped guard

  • 4.  Late 19th c. fencing sandals with 20 mm projecting flap to leading foot

  • 5.  Pen and ink diploma awarded to the French prisoner of war Joseph Boquet by his fellow fencing masters in Normancross Prison (near Peterborough), 1 January 1814

  • 6.  English 1896 bronze medal (76 mm dia.) by Sir George Frampton of Henry Arthur Colmore-Dunn in fencing jacket, author of the popular manual Fencing, who died of typhoid at the age of 37

  • 7.  Belgian 1930 European championships bronze Art Deco participation medal (55 mm dia.) by Willy Kreitz

  • 8.  La Salle d’Escrime, watercolour, gouache and wash by Paul-Léon Jazet, 1886

  • 9.  Late 19th c. bronze statuette of a boy flexing a foil, 12.5 cm high

  • 10. Late 19th c. spelter foilists by Bénédict Rougelet, Le bon et le mauvais escrimeur, 28 cm and 24 cm high