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Among the latest acquisitions are:
  • One of a pair of late 18th/early 19th c. foils with blued and gilded blades.

  • Pair of mid-19th c. Solingen foils marked with crossed swords passing through a pyramid (Otto Curdts 1851-75), and double fig-of-8 guards with grooves cut into each shape front and back.

  • Pair of late 19th c. French sabres stamped with the ladder mark of Giuseppe Perez (1867-1925) and engraved  2e Poule des Chroniqueurs, 29 Juin 1899. The Poule des Chroniqueurs, first held in 1898, was a one-hit epee competition for 12 journalists using the single pointe d’arret, so strange that a pair of sabres should be given as a prize.

  • Silver medal (50 mm dia.) of a lady foilist, inscribed on the reverse Desprez Challenge Cup, 2nd Prize, Gladys M. Davis, 1926. Gladys Davis, Olympic silver medallist in 1924, was British champion three times, won the Desprez Cup in its inaugural year, 1925, and was second to Gladys Daniell the following year.

  • Gilded bronze medal from the 1950 world championships in Monaco, one of nine from the collection of Jacques Coutrot, Olympic and world championship medallist.

  • Teoria y Practica de La Esgrima by Pedro Carbonel, 1900. No. 14 of 150 copies, red cloth binding with gold titling on front cover, all edges gilded. Carbonel was fencing master to King Alfonso XIII of Spain.

  • 1883 mezzotint engraving of George Chapman (1814-1892), co-founder of the London Fencing Club in 1848 and Hon. Sec. for 44 years.


  • Pair of late 19th c. Coulaux foils with V-notched dish guards embossed with a lion’s head in a cartouche.




  • close-up of the lion’s head.