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Among the latest acquisitions are:
  • L'Escrime et le Duel by Camille Prévost & Pierre Jollivet, 1891. 21 photogravures of foil in duplicate + 25 engravings of duelling. Green morocco master binding by Edouard Pagnant with crossed swords, floral decoration and title in gold on spine.

  • Pair of late 19th c. French foils with gilt brass acorn & laurel style guards inscribed PREMIER PRIX D’ARMES, MOYEN COLLÈGE DE ROLLIN [Collège Rollin (1830-1919), one of the leading schools in Paris, presented annual fencing prizes at three school levels: grand, moyen and petit.]
  • Late 19th c. French bronze plaque (200 x 120 mm) by Gabriel Stalin, who became chief designer for the Art Nouveau jewellery firm Maison Piel Freres in 1892.
  • Pair of early 20th c. carved limewood duellists after Charles René Massé, 550 mm high on 70 mm high x 200 mm diameter bases.
  • Early 20th c. French bronze plaquette (74 x 42mm) by E Robert-Merignac showing a woman foilist on the lunge with a mask at her feet, inscribed Escrimeuse, reverse with laurel branches. [Ernesta Robert-Merignac (1858-1933) was the daughter of one fencing master (Georges Robert) and wife of another (Emile Merignac). She became a medal engraver at the Paris mint in 1903 and exhibited four plaquettes at the 1905 Salon of the Société des Artistes Français. In 1911 she received the sculpture prize at the Salon des Femmes Peintres et Sculpteurs.]

  • French bronze plaque (250 x 180 mm) by Paul Preyat inscribed Le 30 Janvier 1922 Lucien Gaudin bat Aldo Nadi par 20 touches a 11. [This plaque commemorates what has been described as the greatest fencing match of all time. On the night of the encounter between the two best foilists in the world, 7000 spectators filled the Cirque de Paris and more than 3000 people had to be turned away. The target included the upper sword arm, if the arm was bent or shielding the body. At the interval Gaudin led 10-6 and in the second half he advanced steadily to victory, winning 20-11, but one observer noted that at least five hits arrived on Nadi’s arm. The match had lasted one hour and 20 minutes.]