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Among the latest acquisitions are:
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  • Die Hiebfechtkunst by Ludwig Caesar Roux, 1885, with Egerton Castle’s bookplate.

  • Watercolour portrait of a late 19th c. fencing master by Frédéric Régamey.

  • Pair of late 19th c. foils with Coulaux blades and Balp decorative gilt brass guards and pommels.

  • Pair of early 20th c. foils with 900 mm long blades stamped MAX RICHTER BERLIN and 120 mm dia. steel cup guards.

  • Pair of late 18th c. foils with traces of gilding on guards and urn-shaped pommels.

  • Théorie sur L’Escrime à Cheval by Alexander Müller, 1816, with 12-page manuscript criticism bound in.

  • Mid-19th c. pierced guard foil stamped COULAUX A & C [1838-40] KLINGENTHAL with crown mark, but also Solingen mark of arrow-heads linked to the letter S within a circle.

  • The Fencer’s Manual by Robert Meikle, 1859. The first book to mention No. 5 and No. 4 blades and the first on fencing to be published in Australia.

  • Trattato sulla Scherma by Michele Gambogi, 1837. The illustrations copy Angelo’s famous poses redrawn in 19th c. costume.

  • Early 20th c. fencing master’s brown suede jacket.

  • Miniature silver foil and sabre on black ebony plinths won at the 1931 Royal Tournament by Royal Marines champion, Colour Sergeant Louis Victor Clarke.

  • Silver monteith bowl (160 mm dia. x 125 mm high) inscribed Royal Naval & Military Tournament 1910, Sabre v Sabre Championship 2nd Prize won by Lieut. F.E.B. Feilman R.N.