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Among the latest acquisitions are:
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  • Earliest known English foil with an unusually flexible flat blade made by Samuel Harvey of Birmingham, c. 1770

  • Early 18th century foil with a Solingen blade just 690 mm long, cut down and rebuttoned for a boy

  • Late 19th century Radaelli-style practice sword

  • French 1913 gilded bronze Monaco medal by Tony Szirmai

  • English 1847 silver singlestick medal by Reily & Storer - This medal was won for the third consecutive year in 1850 by A K Dyson. A report in the Manchester Guardian for 6 February 1850 says, "...The medal was finally awarded by the chairman to Mr A K Dyson who, having won and worn it for a couple of seasons, is now its real possessor and will, no doubt, hold it in pleasing remembrance when the active concerns of life shall, in his turn, disable, if not disincline, him from being an aspirant to such youthful honours."

  • English Edwardian woman's one-piece fencing outfit

  • Late 19th century French duelling epee presented to Minister of War Maurice Berteaux by his fencing master Rue

  • Late 19th century bronze statuette of a foilist by Luca Madrassi, dedicated to A Peraqui and dated 1893

  • English watercolour - Fencers, 1981 - by Peter Unsworth